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Welcome to my website! This page was created as part of the requirements for my Communications 417 class at Southeastern Louisiana University. I created this page to serve as a sort of biography. It accurately outlines my present life and delves into my usually closed-book persona. The page was a pleasure to create, even with the number of headaches that it caused. While the page serves more as a bio page right now, I hope to convert it into an author's page once I am published. I hope you enjoy leafing through it as much as I enjoy seeing my hard work on the web.


Me and Lucy Cecily Me and Cecily Cecily 2 Cecily 3 Me and my mom Cecily and Preston Fatty and Jezzie Me and my brother Jezzie Fatty Cecily 4 Cecily and Preston 2 Me and my aunts Fatty and Jezzie Cecily on Halloween Cecily 5 My graduation