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     As stated in my bio, I have started to write over thirty novels. The series I am currently working on, The Rindoran Archives, is the series I have devoted most of my time to, and is the first of my series that I am actively trying to publish. Comprised of four novels, each one told from the perspective of one of the series’ main female characters, The Rindoran Archives is a story of revolution. Each novel serves as an archive entry detailing the events of the World War of Keroer. While I am still feverishly working on the series, I hope to have it published soon. I have attached a small portion of the first novel for your enjoyment.

The Rindoran Archives: The Oracle

     Pejelle is an Oracle living in Rindor, a country where the government imprisons and enslaves her kind. The only way for her to escape the government’s slavery is to disguise herself as a Healer and work for the very Lords who rule the country and abuse her people. When tragedy befalls the king, Pejelle has no choice but to move to the palace to be his personal Healer. Living under the same roof as the suspicious crown prince, Travendek, Pejelle finds it difficult to continue hiding her true identity. As she becomes closer to the royal family, she begins to question all that she has grown up believing about the government.
     The focus of a prophecy made hundreds of years ago, Pejelle must leave the ailing king to travel into The Woodlands, the mysterious Nymph territory and her dominion by birthright. There she takes on the legacy she was born to fulfill: to bring change to the country, ensuring that all the lower castes are freed from their centuries-long enslavement. However, these changes will affect not just Rindor, but the world as a whole.

Click here for a preview of Pejelle's story