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Hello! My name is Christian. I also answer to Camille (my middle name) for those who prefer to call me that. I was born and raised in New Orleans, but I have been living in Metairie since the unfortunate events of Hurricane Katrina. Currently, I attend Southeastern Louisiana University, where I am just one semester away from attaining my B.A. in English. I am one of those oddballs that loves school, so my B.A. is definitely only the beginning of my education.

As a full-time student, part-time employee, and full-time mom, my life is more than hectic. I wouldnít trade it for anything. My parents taught me the true meaning of hard work while I was growing up, and that is something I hope to show my own daughter. To quote a well-used phrase, nothing worth having comes easy. While there are some days that feel overwhelming, I know everything I am doing will pay off.

When I am not buried under mounds of schoolwork, I can be found reading and writing in my spare time. My book collection is nearing 500 in count and rapidly taking over my bedroom. I have had an overactive imagination since I was a child, which is when I started writing. My fanciful ideas are the reason I have started to write over thirty novels. While only a few of them have been completed, it is my dream to one day have all of my ideas published.

My obsession with books has led to me pursuing a career in publishing. People often ask me what I plan to do after college, and my response is that as long as Iím working with books, Iíll be happy. If I had my way, Iíd seclude myself on an island and write full-time. Some say thatís impractical, but I donít see the problem.